Do you match with our team?

Do you match with our team?

Are we a match? Be sure to take the test! 

Read below what our team stands for. 

You belong to our team if you... 

1. …want to excel does not want to be a follower, but a leader. Our goal: a place in the top 3 of innovators in the Flemish construction sector.

2. …wants to work with talent

We work with the best employees. We invest in talent. We want to be a pioneer in terms of innovation in construction.

3. …want to build beyond boundaries

At Verstraete you build projects that you can be proud of. Large residential care centers, heritage to be renovated, a new commercial building. Construction, Wood. In every construction project you are challenged by performing complex work together. Fantastic right?

4. …you want to develop quickly

As soon as you start with us, you will show what you can do. And what you can do, we improve with training and on the job training. That is why we developed Verstraete Academy, in which we provide different ways to learn. 

5. …like to renew

We want to be at the forefront of digitization and innovation in the construction industry. With our strong construction history as a foundation, we remain an executive construction and timber company with a focus on innovation, collaboration and project management.  

You're not part of our team if you... 

1. …have finished learning

Of course you can already do a lot. But you're not there yet. We appreciate it if you want to keep developing.

2. …have a 9 to 5 mentality

Peak traffic. We love it. For example, if a quotation has to be sent out. Then it's hard work. But as a team.

3. …walks next to your shoes

We are proud of what we do. But in a sober way. We celebrate our successes, but with both feet firmly on the ground. No nonsense!

4. …are easily satisfied

We want to provide maximum service to the customer. Always go the extra mile. And a deal is a deal. Say what you do and do what you say. 

5. …does not actively think along

Management places responsibility 'low' in the organisation. You will have plenty of room to take initiative yourself. Think along! 

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